Painting Contractor Hermosa Beach

Painting Contractor Hermosa Beach

Got a paint job but don’t know who to hire? Thinking of doing it yourself? Consider Affinity Painting Company. Maybe you could do it yourself, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should. Painting is a skill that requires significant expertise. Besides, your time is the most valuable asset you have. Hiring a professional painter takes the stress out getting the job done right and on time. If you’re in need of a painting contractor in Hermosa Beach, we will gladly visit your home or establishment and give you a free consultation. Hiring the right professional painter is the most crucial step to getting the results you desire.

Painting might seem like a simple task to some. In reality, painting often requires sanding surfaces, using toxic chemicals and dangerous solvents, working on ladders, working at high heights, and using industrial power equipment. Our expert painters know how to avoid these dangers and properly handle and dispose of hazardous waste.

We have full liability insurance and can show our insurance certificate. Our highly trained and experienced painting contractors are very good at avoiding dangers. In the event an accident occurs, you can have peace of mind knowing that our insurance will cover the damages. Further, we have all state-required licenses, and we can show those too.

Upon hiring us, we will write a contract that specifies all the details of our agreement in writing. These details include the exact work to be done, all the areas that need to be prepared and painted, an agreed-upon completion date, paint color, and gloss level, brand names, all products to be used for the job, and other relevant information. This gives you legal protection and assurance that your job will be done right.

We’ve been in business for a while, and we’ve earned an impeccable reputation for being honest and doing great work. That's not an empty claim either. We have references and client testimonials to back up that assertion. In fact, many of our clients have recommended us and said that they would hire us again. Truthfully, we’re one of the most reputed painting contractors in Hermosa Beach and Southern California.

At Affinity Painting Company, we pride ourselves on a job well done. Therefore, we prefer to use premium paint when we work. During your free consultation, we'll share our professional opinions and insights with you, but the choice is yours. Yes, premium paint costs more, but it works a lot better and lasts a lot longer. Remember the principle, “You get what you pay for!”

We do interior and exterior paint jobs, and we can work safely at any height. Our highly experienced painters can accommodate your busy schedule, working when it’s most convenient for you. Our staff is friendly, polite, professional, and always dressed appropriately. So, if you need a painting contractor in Hermosa Beach, give us a call. We’d love an opportunity to earn your business. Affinity Painting Company won’t disappoint.

Painting Contractor Hermosa Beach