Online Baseball Academy

Online Baseball Academy

Vaughn Sports Academy is the country’s premier environment for those looking to compete at the next level. We’ll provide comprehensive, innovative training for athletes of all levels of ability. In an inspiring, safe, and positive environment, Vaughn Sports Academy will provide the techniques, motivations, and tools to maximize your athletic performance. Our top-of-the-line coaches are dedicated to helping you develop physical and mental qualities that will help improve your game. We focus on drilling core values of dedication, hard work, and self-discipline.

Elite Baseball Coaches 

We offer a place where you can come to practice baseball and train with some of the best baseball coaches and instructors in the country. Our coaches are both former and current professional baseball players with several years of experience. They have respect for the game they share with you. Our coaches teaching skills, as well as the respect you have for the game can help you achieve your goals.

Baseball Training Lessons

Vaughn Sports Academy focuses on individual development. Our baseball coaches with extensive experience working closely with our student-athletes on their athletic development and progress. Our coaches focus on position-specific training, working grounds, and one on one coaching sessions. Our students will train through performance disciplines such as strength and conditioning and mental toughness before or after attending classes for the other part of the day. This schedule allows you to develop a routine that moves directly to the next level. 

We believe that understanding the why behind baseball skills and techniques should be at the core of any lesson. Our baseball coaches focus on not only the issues with swing or delivery but also provide you with a plan of action to address the areas you need to improve to become the best pitcher or hitter that you can be.

Online Baseball Training

At Vaughn Sports Academy, we are excited to provide you with online baseball training videos that you can follow at home. We bring the best online baseball coaches directly into your home through your tablets or computers. Kids of all ages and experts have trained online with Vaughn Sports Academy’s highly trained online baseball academy staff. With your mobile devices, you can capture live games or videos at practice for analysis with correctives and feedback.

We allow you to take videos on your mobile devices and share them instantly with your online baseball academy coach. The lesson can be one in your living room, backyard, or garage. With baseball training online, you no longer need to waste money and time driving to facilities or building costly cages.

Why Choose Vaughn Sports Academy?

At Vaughn Sports Academy, we believe you deserve to reach your full potential. Our coaches and instructors are experienced and highly qualified, so they know what it takes to help you reach your goals. Each student is unique, and our professional baseball academy coaches meet you right where you are and take you to the next level. It is our privilege to teach you everything you need to know about baseball!

Online Baseball Academy

Vaughn Sports Academy


Online Baseball Academy

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