Junior Kindergarten

Junior Kindergarten

At Mathew’s Hall, we consider preschool and kindergarten critical stages of a child’s development because they prepare children for elementary school. Therefore, we have carefully set up our school and learning programs to maximize learning. Several factors make our London ON independent school stand out from the rest.

Student Ornaments

The classrooms at Mathew’s Hall are filled with students’ work, including art projects and other forms of decorations. We post work done by the students in classrooms to provide them with a sense of pride and achievement. Our educators believe students are more comfortable in an environment where they can see the objects they create.

Learning Materials

The classrooms in our primary school in London, Ontario, have a wide range of learning materials that help students learn various topics. Our private school in London, Ontario, provides students with books to help them master reading skills and writing materials to help them improve their writing skills. In addition, we provide them with rulers, dice, and blocks to improve their math skills. Our classrooms are also equipped with science materials, including items from nature, such as leaves and rocks, weather charts, and magnifying glasses.

Why Choose Us

Parents and teachers have various descriptions of what makes an institution an ideal school. However, educators agree about specific factors that make a school and an excellent learning institution. Mathew’s Hall provides quality academic programs and has all the hallmarks of an excellent learning institution.
Our academic programs encourage children to learn about the world, solve problems, and organize information. The programs are designed to improve students’ self-esteem and confidence. In addition, our academic programs encourage students to collaborate and gain interest in solving challenging problems.

The academic programs at Mathew’s Hall provide a perfect balance between formal and informal learning activities. Formal educational activities are initiated by teachers, while the students undertake informal learning activities. We encourage students to work on education projects that enable them to work on their own and in groups.

Although we encourage students to collaborate on some classroom projects, the collaborations are usually done in small groups. In addition, we minimize activities that require large groups of students to work together for prolonged periods. Most academic activities at Mathew’s Hall are done in small groups that feature hands-on and play-based learning.


The typical classrooms at Mathew’s Hall are not necessarily quiet or calm, but they are highly organized. Our classrooms feature nice layouts with designated areas for various learning activities, including reading, math, plays, and art projects. In addition, the classrooms have specific locations for students to store their items and supplies.

Welcoming Features

Students at Mathew’s Hall do not stay away from their parents for prolonged periods. We have created a welcoming environment in our school and classrooms to enable both parents and students to be at ease and prepare them for studies. Our campus is filled with bright colors that young students find appealing. In addition, the fixtures in our school are child-sized and functional for young students.

We have put some thought into establishing the best private school in London ON. Contact Matthew’s Hall to learn more or to register now: 519.471.1506


Junior Kindergarten

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Junior Kindergarten

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